Maia Mechanics

Human Design Software by Jovian Archive—the official source of the Human Design System.

maia mechanics bodygraph with mandala

The New MMI — Now Online

Log in online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone and access your library or create new charts. Maia Mechanics is a precise and advanced chart creation tool for personal and professional use.

Personal Charts

Create unlimited Human Design charts. You can also import charts from your MMI library through a convenient .mmi import feature.

Connection Charts

Combine any two charts in your library to create a Connection Chart. This offers you the ability to compare two individual bodygraphs and explore the dynamics within a partnership.

Transit Charts

Transit charts show the planetary configuration at any given moment, and can be connected with a Human Design chart to create a Transit Connection Chart—this reveals the planetary impact of both short and long term transits. This feature enables you to create charts from 1800-2100.

Penta Charts

The Penta is a trans-auric construct built from the energy field of three or more people; and though the Penta is invisible, we are controlled and influenced by this auric form.

This feature allows you to combine three to five personal charts to create a Penta Chart. In addition to being color-coded, the new Penta Graph columns are interactive and the design includes member’s initials and Line activations.

BG5 | Business & Career Designs

BG5 is packed with analytical tools, charts, and graphs, offering BG5 Consultants the ability to create, analyze, and integrate the information contained within any Career and Business Design.

Pro Web Widget

Embed a personal chart calculator on your website. Available as an add-on subscription to certified professionals who have completed the Living Your Design Guide Training.

With the Pro Web Widget installed, your audience will be able to create unlimited personal Human Design charts directly on your website — in multiple languages, light or dark mode, and in the current or classic BodyGraph view mode.

Special Features

Convenience and functionality we all appreciate

Advanced Imaging

Unlock deeper levels of your Human Design charts. The Advanced Imaging mode reveals Color, Tone and Base which enable access to Primary Health System and Rave Psychology keynotes.

Birth Time Accuracy

A valuable tool when correct birth time is uncertain or not available. The Birth Time Accuracy scanner will automatically check for major changes and indicate when they take place.

Cycles and Transits

Manual cycle chart creation is a thing of the past. These convenient links are automatically created and available for any Human Design Chart, which means all major cycle charts—and the just now transit connection chart—are just a click away.

Fully Optimized

Maia Mechanics is a cross-platform web application which allows you to log in anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone.

Offline Mode

Expecting limited internet connection? Optionally save charts locally to your device for offline access. While offline you can load Maia Mechanics in your browser, view locally saved charts in your library, open charts and view properties, keynotes, view modes and more.

View Settings

In addition to Advanced Imaging and Mandala view modes, with Maia Mechanics you can remove the planetary columns in Planetless mode, and you can choose to view the entire application in dark or light mode.

Plans and Prices

Create a free chart and get a feel for Maia Mechanics.
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Everything in the FREE CHART CALCULATOR plus...

  • Dedicated Chart Library Synced Across All Devices
  • MMI Import Tools
  • Rave i'Ching Support
  • Export to Image and PDF


Everything in BASIC plus...

  • Create Connection Charts, Cycle Charts, and Transit Charts
  • Birth Time Reliability Score
  • Sub Line Planetary Data


Everything in ESSENTIAL plus...

  • Advanced Imaging "Magic Square"
  • Primary Health System and Rave Psychology Keynotes
  • Variable indicator


Everything in ADVANCED plus...

  • Create Penta Charts (new design and interactive columns)


Everything in PENTA plus...

  • Create BG5 Business Analysis Penta Charts (new design and interactive columns)
  • BG5 Penta and Member Graphs
  • BG5 Business Institute Language